The ability to use the File Monitor, sometimes referred to as live editing a Document in BCDE, is only available on Internet Explorer. Since Microsoft has determined to stop supporting Internet Explorer, the File Monitor option will no longer be available for users.

As a workaround, follow the steps below, to execute same process:

  • Select the option Lock from the down list| to Lock the document to prevent other users from editing it while you are doing so
  • Right click on the document and choose "Save target as…" (or "Save Link As…")
  • Save the document to a directory on your local computer.
  • Change the document on your local computer, using an appropriate application.
  • Once you have completed your changes, and click in the option Revise in the down list at the original document to Revise it
  • The new revision of the document will not have any metadata associated with it initially. It is therefore good practice to update the metadata before sharing the document with other users.
  • Finally click on Unlock in the down list in the document to Unlock it and make it generally available for updating.

Although a local copy of the document will be left on your computer, the definitive document, which everybody else has access to, is the one stored in BCDE.