We are going through an exercise of migrating customers to the “Out of the Box” version of BC (BCDE) where we can.

This has significant benefits for upgrades, support and ongoing maintenance of the product.

If you have been invited to participate in this programme it means that there are very few differences between your server's version of BC (BCDE) and the "Out of the Box" version. This means that for you a transition to the standard version would be very straightforward.

You should not notice any difference in how BC (BCDE) looks or feels as a result of this activity, although there may be some changes as a result of the upgrade to BC (BCDE) itself. These changes will be documented in the information that will be provided in the Kickoff meeting.

As part of the programme you will be allocated to a "Cycle" within the programme.

Each Cycle will follow the same structure, but starting on different dates so that we can spread out the activities over a longer period of time. 

Week in CycleActivity
Time needed from Key Contacts
Week 1Kickoff meeting between Upgrade Manager and Key Contacts to explain the process and answer any immediate questions. Information will be provided to you about the new version of BC (BCDE) that you will be moving to, and what features will be included.1 hour meeting arranged to suit you.

1-2 hours to review the new features of BC in the documentation provided.
Week 2A session will be arranged between the Key Contacts, the Upgrade Manager and the Bentley Professional Services Team to answer any questions you may have.1 hour meeting arranged to suit you.
Week 3A beta (test) server will be made available to the Key Contacts that is a copy of the live server with the update and migration applied to it. This will allow you to see what the server will be like following the changes. The Key Contacts will be able to carry out testing to make sure that all the day to day activities on the system are still working as expAs much time as you would like to spend testing.
Week 4At the end of the two week testing period, there will be a meeting between the Upgrade Manager and the Key Contacts to discuss any issues may have been encountered and to confirm that the upgrade and migration can go ahead. If there is any issue present that would be a barrier to going live, we may reassign you to a later cycle, resolve the issue if possible, and give you a further opportunity to test. As much time as you would like to spend testing.

1 hour meeting arranged to suit you.
Week 5The live upgrade would be carried out during working hours at a prearranged time that we can communicate out to your users through a message on the login page. The Key Contacts would need to be available to carry out a small amount of confirmation testing after the upgrade, and to confirm everything is OK.Between 30 minutes and 2 hours for the live upgrade, depending on the size of your BC (BCDE) server. We will be able to confirm the time needed in Week 3.
Week 6A brief meeting between the Upgrade Manager and the Key Contacts would check that everything is continuing to be as expected following the upgrade and migration, and to mark the close of the project.1 hour meeting arranged to suit you.