When uploading a Document to BC, you might find that the file name has been truncated/shortened/compressed, so that your newly added files look like the following:

Figure 1 - Example of truncated Document names


This happens when, on the device from which you are uploading, the path to the Document exceeds a character limit. 


In the example below, a hierarchy of folders where the Document is stored adds further characters to the name of the Document.


Figure 2 - a long file path as part of a hierarchy in Windows File Explorer


The same could happen if you store the Document inside one folder with a long name.


Windows imposes a maximum filename length such that a filename, including the file path to get to the file, can't exceed 255-260 characters. Documents stored on your device which exceed this limit will have their name truncated when they are uploaded to BC.


It is a not a BC-specific character limit, but you may encounter it if you are uploading Documents regularly into BC.


As a workaround for this problem, move the Documents to another location just before uploading, like your Desktop or Downloads folder, then try uploading them again. The Documents need to retain the name for the purposes of BC, but the folder structure is not carried over to BC.


There is also a character limit in effect when downloading Document from BC. If the path and filename of the Document you are trying to download will exceed 250 characters when saved, Windows will remove characters from the end of the Document name until it fits within that limit.