1. To Download Authy:

- Go to https://authy.com/download/

- Depending on how you want to use Authy (Mobile, Desktop, Chrome), chose from the relevant option and Download

- (Once installed on your PC, if you wish, you can pin the Application to you taskbar by right-clicking on the Authy app icon on the taskbar)

- Change the country code drop down to +44 (United Kingdom)
- Put in your phone number and click OK

- Choose verify my identity via SMS

- Take a note of the registration pin

- Follow on screen instructions.

2. To use the Authy app:

- Open the BC login page in any browser

- Enter your usual username & password and click Log In

- When you are prompted for the Authy code go to the Authy app on your Computers taskbar (or launch the app on your phone)

- Click on the BC server name and you will be presented with the temporary code (which lasts only 20 seconds before being refreshed)

- Click the copy icon at the bottom right to copy it to your clipboard

Paste it into the code box and click Confirm Code 

After doing this, you will be logged in and for 30 days (server default) after that you will only need to use the username/password to log in. However, once the Authy code has expired after 30 days you will need to re-authenticate with the server using the authentication code again.

Please note, some BC servers may have specified a shorter duration than 30 days.

If your Authy code is not accepted:

- Your code should be a 7 digit number code (without any spaces).

- ALso, try doing CTRL + Shift key + Delete key together and clearing the following options:

(Selection names may vary depending on which browser you are using)

Trouble Shooting

Here are some useful links to the Authy website where you can find further info on how to:

- Reset your Authy account - https://authy.com/phones/reset/ 

- Change the phone number associated with your account - https://authy.com/phones/change/ 

- Read useful support articles - https://support.authy.com/