1. To Download Authy:

- Go to https://authy.com/download/

- Depending on how you want to use Authy (Mobile, Desktop, Chrome), chose from the relevant option and Download

- (Once installed on your PC, if you wish, you can pin the Application to you taskbar by right-clicking on the Authy app icon on the taskbar)

- Change the country code drop down to +44 (United Kingdom)
- Put in your phone number and click OK

- Put in your email address (this needs to be your BC registered email address)

- Choose verify my identity via SMS

- Take a note of the registration pin

2. To use the Authy app:

- Open the BC login page in any browser

- Enter your usual username & password and click Log In

- When you are prompted for the Authy code go to the Authy app on your Computers taskbar (or launch the app on your phone)

- Click on the BC server name and you will be presented with the temporary code (which lasts only 20 seconds before being refreshed)

- Click the copy icon at the bottom right to copy it to your clipboard

Paste it into the code box and click Confirm Code 

NB: it should be a 7 digit number code.

After doing this, you will be logged in and for 30 days (server default) after that you will only need to use the username/password to log in. However, once the Authy code has expired after 30 days you will need to re-authenticate with the server using the authentication code again.

Please note, some BC servers may have specified a shorter duration than 30 days.

Trouble Shooting

Here are some useful links to the Authy website where you can find further info on how to:

- Reset your Authy account - https://authy.com/phones/reset/ 

- Change the phone number associated with your account - https://authy.com/phones/change/ 

- Read useful support articles - https://support.authy.com/