For information about what the Document Number Generator is and how to get to it, see this article

This guide is intended for users who need to create and maintain numbering conventions in the BC PHP Document Number Generator solution. For a guide on how to use the Document Number Generator as an end user, see this article.

How to reset the reserved numbers belonging to a convention

Occasionally you may want to clear all the reserved numbers belonging to a convention. For example, you may have been testing a new convention and generated some test numbers to ensure that it was working as you expected. You can then clear the reserved numbers to allow your users to start again from the beginning.

You can do this from the Conventions tab:

  • Click on the Conventions tab and identify the convention that you would like to reset.

  • Click Clear all reserved numbers to the right of the convention's name.

  • You will see a prompt warning you of the consequences of the action.
    Are you sure? This operation is not reversible, all reserved numbers from this convention will be deleted.

  • Click OK to proceed.

The action will take effect immediately. There is no need to click Save.