For information about what the Document Number Generator is and how to get to it, see this article

This guide is intended for users who need to create and maintain numbering conventions in the BC PHP Document Number Generator solution. For a guide on how to use the Document Number Generator as an end user, see this article.

How to prevent a convention from appearing to end users

At the end of a project, you may wish to remove a convention to stop anyone from reserving any further numbers.

You can do this from the Conventions tab:

  • Click on the conventions tab and identify the convention that you would like to prevent from appearing to end users.
  • Click on the Archive action to the right of the convention's name.

The action will take effect immediately. There is no need to click Save. The convention will no longer appear to end users trying to reserve numbers.

This action is reversible. Click Unarchive to make the convention available again.

Please note that it is not possible to delete a convention through the DNG interface, even if it has been created in error. If you would like to permanently remove a convention from the Conventions admin tab, first archive it to prevent anyone from reserving any further numbers, and then contact BC support at and state the BC server you're working on and the name of the convention that you would like to remove.