For information about what the Document Number Generator is and how to get to it, see this article

This guide is intended for users who need to create and maintain numbering conventions in the BC PHP Document Number Generator solution. For a guide on how to use the Document Number Generator as an end user, see this article.

How to add new values to a category being used by a convention

  • Click on the Categories tab

  • Click on Edit Values beside the category you're interested in

  • The Edit Category page looks like this:
    • Click add row to add additional blank rows at the bottom of the form
    • Add a value and a description for each entry in the list.
      • Values will appear in the actual reserved numbers
      • Descriptions provide some additional information to help end users choose the right option
    • Once you have added all the options that you want to the category, click Save.

Note: If you have very large numbers of values to add to your categories, contact BC support at as we may be able to import the options for you. We would require a spreadsheet listing the values and descriptions in two separate columns.