For information about what the Document Number Generator is and how to get to it, see this article

This guide is intended for users who need to create and maintain numbering conventions in the BC PHP Document Number Generator solution. For a guide on how to use the Document Number Generator as an end user, see this article.

How can you tell if you are a Document Number Generator administrator?

If you are a document number generator administrator, you will be able to see two additional tabs in the DNG, called "Conventions" and "Categories".

How to become a Document Number Generator administrator

If you are not already a DNG administrator, you will need to contact BC support to be added as an administrator of the DNG. Please note that we may need to check with a system administrator to ensure that it's appropriate for you to have this access.

Document Number Generator Glossary

  • Convention - A convention is a pattern of elements and separators which defines how generated numbers should look. In the BC DNG, a convention also represents one set of reserved numbers. It would be possible to use the same convention on several projects, provided part of the convention includes a category which allows the project to be specified.

  • Category - A category is one of the elements that makes up the convention.

  • Value - A value is the actual information that will form part of the reserved number based on the category selection in the DNG.

  • Description - A value description will not appear in the reserved number but provides some additional information so that end users can make the correct selection.

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