For information about what the Document Number Generator is and how to get to it, see this article.

As an end user you will only see two tabs in the Document Number Generator: Generate Number and Reserved Numbers. This article explains how to use each tab.

Generating Numbers

  • You will arrive on the Generate Number tab

  • Select which convention to use from the drop down. Your project administrator should have told you the appropriate one. However, if you select a convention you should see a short description of the convention which should help you confirm that you're using the correct one.

  • You will be shown the Generate Number page for that convention.
    • Select the appropriate options from the drop down lists.
      • The Unique Number at the end will be automatically generated for you in sequence. 
      • The Number field will show you the format of the numbers that you will be reserving.

    • Choose how many numbers of this sequence you would like to reserve.

    • Click Go

  • You will be taken to a confirmation page.

    • Check that you are reserving numbers in the correct convention and that the numbers you will be reserving match the format that you're expecting.

    • Enter a description of what you are reserving the numbers for.

    • Click Save

  • You will be taken to the final page to confirm you have reserved some numbers. 
    • You can copy the reserved numbers from this page.
    • Click the Export to excel option to get a file containing the reserved numbers.
    • Click Generate more numbers to return to the first page. Note: you will need to re-select the convention that you want to use.

Viewing numbers that have already been reserved

You can view all the numbers that have been reserved for a particular convention by clicking on the Reserved Numbers tab.

  • Select the convention you wish to view, and select whether you want to see all reserved numbers, numbers reserved by anyone from your company, or just numbers you personally have reserved. Click Go to view the numbers.

  • The numbers will be returned in a paginated list.

    • To narrow down the results you want you can filter them using the drop down lists at the top of each column.
    • When you have selected the options you want in the drop downs, click the Go button to filter the results.
    • You have the option to export the results you see on screen to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking Export to Excel
    • If you don't see the results you want initially, you can start again by returning to the top of the tab, reselecting the options you want and clicking Go as above to create a new list of results.