What is the Document Number Generator?

The Document Number Generator (DNG) is a solution built on top of BC.

If you have a numbering convention in use on your project, the DNG is designed to give you a way of keeping track of which numbers have been allocated to which companies or individuals. The solution is designed to be used either by the project Document Controllers or by the end users on the project who would be able to reserve their own numbers.

The DNG also provides a spreadsheet version of the reserved numbers which can be used to name the documents being uploaded to the system.

The DNG is a single instance solution which can be used by many projects and which can be used to reserve numbers for many different numbering conventions.

How can you access the document number generator?

The DNG is accessed by a link.

We usually recommend that the link to the DNG is placed in the links portlet either on the server, or on the project or projects where it is intended to be used.

If the link has not been made publicly available in this way then it's possible that your project administrators would prefer that the DNG is only used by the Document Control team. Please contact your project administrator if you believe that you should have access to the DNG and you would like the link.

If you are a BC system administrator looking for the link to the DNG, please contact BC Support at support@groupbc.com

Additional Guides

We have some additional help pages about the Document Number Generator

Future developments

We are planning to release a new Document Number Generator in a future release which will be integrated with the project and its schema. It will also be possible to create placeholders instead of simply reserving numbers, and these placeholders can be fulfilled to indicate that the reserved number has been used up and the expected document uploaded to the system.

There will be separate documentation available for this feature when it is released.