What is dtSearch?

dtSearch (also known as Full Text Search (FTS)) is a third party integration with BC which allows you to search the content of your BC documents as well as the metadata connected with them.

If it is enabled on your BC server, you will see an additional option in search locations to allow you to search Document Contents for key words.

For BC6.4.1.1 and BC6.5, dtSearch has been completely re-engineered to improve reliability and indexing speed.

What does this mean for my BC server upgrade?

If you are upgrading to BC6.4.1.1 or BC6.5 (at time of writing not yet released) dtSearch will automatically be enabled for you.

However, contents searching will not be possible immediately after the upgrade. This is because once dtSearch has been installed, BC will need to begin building an index of the contents of your documents which will be used to power the search. dtSearch will not be fully available until this index has finished building.

The time needed to build the index can vary depending on the number of documents stored on your BC server. It may take from a few hours for smaller servers, to a week for the index to finish building if your BC server is very large.

Once the index is complete, any new documents added to BC will automatically be added to the dtSearch index as they are added, so they should show up in search results almost immediately.