What is Brava?

Brava is a third party viewer provided by OpenText that is used by BC to allow you to view documents that otherwise you would not be able to view - for example because you don't have the appropriate software on your computer. Brava also allows you to create markups on documents which can be shared with other members of your project.

Why are there different versions of Brava?

Up until the end of this year (2016) there have been two versions of Brava available. The versions of Brava are slightly different and offer different features and user experiences:

  • Brava! Java (5.2) - uses Java, so is not available in the Chrome browser. No installation necessary. No longer being supported or maintained by OpenText. 
  • Brava .NET (6.2) - uses .NET technology from Microsoft, so will only work in Internet Explorer. Installation is required for Brava .NET (6.2) to work on your computer. Includes some new features which were not supported in Brava! Java (5.2) including Drawing Compare.

Java is increasingly no longer being supported by mainstream browsers, so it's becoming harder for people to run Brava! Java (5.2). We have also found that IT departments are becoming more restrictive about the software that can be installed on their users' machines, making it harder for people to change to Brava .NET (6.2). People now also wish to use a wider variety of browsers, rather than just Internet Explorer.

As a result of these pressures, we have been working on integrating a new version of Brava with BC. This new version of Brava is called Brava7.

How is Brava7 different from Brava! Java (5.2) and Brava .NET (6.2)?

  • Brava7 is currently in support with OpenText and supports all the latest functionality - although initially in BC you will only have the original Brava! Java (5.2) functionality. This won't include the "Print with Brava" feature as part of the first release. We will be adding to the functionality in future releases.

  • Brava7 runs using HTML5, which means:
    • It is supported in the latest browsers: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
    • You won't need to install anything.
    • We can push out Brava updates to you more frequently, and there will be no need for you to reinstall it each time.

How do I get Brava7?

As Brava! Java (5.2) and Brava .NET (6.2) are coming to the end of their support, you may have already found that the Brava! Java (5.2) or Brava .NET (6.2) licences on your server have expired. If so, your server will need to be updated so that you can use Brava7.

We can only accept requests for an update to Brava7 from BC system administrators, so please contact your project administrator or system administrator to request the update on your behalf.

  1. Your BC server will be updated to include the new code. This update will be arranged by GroupBC and your system administrators.
    • Your user account will automatically be switched over to using Brava7, you don't need to take any action.
    • You will be able to view documents using Brava, create new markups, and view markups created after the server update. 
    • You will not be able to view older markups created before the update until we have converted them to the new format.

  2. We will run a conversion on your old markups so that they can be opened with Brava7.
    This should only take a day or two to complete following your BC server update.

This update is only available to servers that are running BC6.0 and above. If your server is running BC5.x, please contact your BC account manager to arrange an upgrade to the latest version of BC.