What is it, and what does it mean?

When you open a document directly from the internet (using Open rather than Save or Save as) it is downloaded to the Temporary Internet Files folder on your computer and opened from there.

As a security precaution, Office applications open documents from this folder in Protected View, preventing any potentially harmful content from running on your computer.

When a document is opened in Protected View, you are prevented from making any modifications to it until you click on an Enable Editing button at the top of the page.

Word (or Excel, PowerPoint, etc) then makes a request to the website the document originated from (in this case, the BC server) and attempts to access the document.

Unless this document has been made publically accessible in BC using access rights, Word will not be able to access it because it will not share authentication with your web browser.

The BC server then passes a request for authentication back to Word, which results in a BC login page being displayed in place of the actual content of the document.

This does not actually function as a login page however, and it will not be possible to edit the document by entering your username and password here.

How do I work around this?

There are 2 possible approaches to take here;

  1. Rather than choosing to Open a document directly from BC, first Save it to your computer instead, and open it from there. This document will be in a location on your computer trusted by Word, and will not open in Protected View.
  2. The other way of avoiding this problem is to add the BC server you're using to Word's Trusted Locations list - anything that you open from this server will then not open in Protected View:
    • Click on the File menu in Word, then on Options
    • Next click on Trust Center in the left hand panel, then on Trust Center Settings on the right
    • Go to the Trusted Locations section in the left hand panel, tick the box next to Allow Trusted Locations on my network and then click on Add new location
    • In the Path field, enter the web address of the BC server you're using - this needs to be everything up to and including the first "/" character after the .com
    • Tick the box next to Subfolders of this location are also trusted
    • Click on OK on this window and on the other ones until you get back to Word

    This can only be done on a per-application basis - if you make this change in Word it will not affect Excel, PowerPoint, or other Office applications.

    As you've added the address of a specific BC server here, if you encounter this problem on a different server you will also need to add that one as a Trusted Location as well.