Also known as: "I just uploaded a batch of documents, and now I can’t find them!"  This could happen if you have a filter set in your folder or if the documents aren't sorted by modified date.

A quick way to pull up a list of the documents you added to BC today is to use one of the common searches. The “Common Searches” tab is available from any Listing view.

Your location will control where BC looks for the items you’re searching for.

In the screenshot, I am in the Design folder, and so BC will only search this folder and its contents. I could search across the whole project by starting from the top project level (Suspension Bridge). I can also search across all of BC by starting from my Home.

There are 14 predefined common searches. I would use search #2 to find documents I uploaded today in the Design folder.

Use common search #2 to find documents by their creator and created date.

I can tailor the search a little if I want, but I don’t need to this time. When I click Go on the right hand side, BC will list all the documents I uploaded today and up to midnight yesterday (covering an interval of a little more than 24 hours). The documents I uploaded most recently will be listed at the top.

Using the common searches as a starting point

Sometimes the common search isn't quite what you need. For example I might want to find all the documents I uploaded on a specific day last week. I can still use the common search to start me off, so that I don’t have to set up an Advanced Search from scratch.

Here is how to find all the documents you uploaded on a particular date:

  1. Go into the appropriate location and run common search #2

  2. Click Advanced Search | Edit Search

  3. The Advanced Search page will already be set up to run common search #2.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and change the Performed on date to the date you're interested in - this can also be used to cover a range of dates.
    At the bottom of the Advanced Search page you will see the "Performed on" section.
    This is the only part of the search that you need to change.

    Change the "Performed on" date to the date / range you're interested in. 

  5. Click Run Search.

    This will quickly give you a list of all documents you added in that location on the date that you specified.

    You can apply the same principle to any of the common searches to modify them to look for different dates, users, issue states or to add any extra search terms that will help you find what you're looking for.