How to do it

Depending on how the File Monitor was installed on your computer, and on which version of Windows you are using, the process of uninstalling it varies slightly. In all cases, any open Internet Explorer windows should be closed first, and you will need to first completely close the File Monitor - right-click on the little blue BC icon in your Windows taskbar and click on Exit.

If the File Monitor was installed via the web interface...

... and you are using Windows XP* / Vista / 7

  • Open a new Internet Explorer window
  • Select Internet Options from the Tools menu
  • Under the Browsing History section, click on Settings
  • Click on View Objects
  • Delete the file BC.FileMonitor (Windows XP)
  • Delete the following files (Windows Vista / 7):
    • BCFileMonitor.exe
    • BCFileMonitor.inf
    • BCHTTP.dll
    • BCio.dll
    • BCmd.dll

... and you are using Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10

  • Right-click on your Start menu, then click on Command Prompt (Admin)

  • Type in cd c:\windows\downloaded program files and press the return key on your keyboard

  • Type in dir and press return again

  • You should see here a list of files including the following:

    • BCFileMonitor.exe
    • BCFileMonitor.inf
    • BCHTTP.dll
    • BCio.dll
    • BCmd.dll
  • Now type del bc* and press return again

  • If you now enter dir again you should get the same list of files as before, but the 5 mentioned above will be gone

If the File Monitor was manually installed using an executable

When installed manually, the files used by the File Monitor are put into a different place than if it were installed through the web interface. If this is the case, then it can be uninstalled in the same way as any other program on your computer:

  • Open Control Panel (press Windows key + R on your keyboard, type control panel and click OK)
  • Open
    • Add or Remove Programs if you're using Windows XP
    • Programs and Features if you're using any other version of Windows
  • Select BC File Monitor and click on Uninstall

* Note: As of Business Collaborator 6.3, Windows XP is no longer supported

At this point, the File Monitor has been uninstalled - go back to BC and click on Help | Install Helper Applications to install it again.