What is it?

What it looks like

What it means

When you click on the Selected menu, BC generates a list of all of the actions applicable to the objects that you have selected – this error indicates that the process of generating that list has failed. This is usually caused by your user account no longer having access to one or more of the objects that you have selected – this can happen, for example, if another user deletes a document in the time between you selecting it, and clicking on the Selected menu.

How to fix the problem

This error is cleared by clearing your selection in the container in which you're encountering it:

  • Click on the location drop down, right-click on the name of the folder you're currently in, and select Copy shortcut (this is the name of the action in Internet Explorer - in Google Chome it's Copy link address and in Firefox, it's Copy Link Location)

  • Open a text editor on your computer (such as Notepad) and press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste in the address you just copied - it should be of the format https://<servername>/bc/bc.cgi/0/123456 (the number at the end here is the ID of the folder you're in)
  • At the end of this address, type ?op=clear_container_selection
  • Select the entire address, which should now look like https://<servername>/bc/bc.cgi/0/123456?op=clear_container_selection, and copy it (Ctrl + C on your keyboard)
  • Replace everything in the address bar of your browser with what you've just copied, and press return on your keyboard
  • This will refresh the BC page - once this has happened, the Selected menu should be greyed out and have a 0 in brackets next to it

Now when you select something and click on the Selected menu, it should function as normal.