We are happy to take support requests by phone +44 (0)118 214 2500 or by email (support@groupbc.com).


You will need a BC Support portal account to be able to submit support requests through the customer web portal. Your BC Support portal user account is not the same as your BC user account.


If you have contacted us before, then you should have a BC Support portal user account and your email address should be in our database. If you don't remember your password, you could try following the instructions here.


If you have never contacted us before or you're not sure of your account information, please email your support request directly to us at support@groupbc.com and we will be able to help.


If you already know your BC Support portal account information

  • Go to http://support.groupbc.com/support/login and log in

  • Click the "New support ticket" button in the top right

  • Fill in the request form.
    Some fields are required and you will not be able to submit your request until those fields are filled in. It really helps if you can give us the following information:
    • Specific information about the question you're asking or the problem you're having. Please include links to specific folders and documents if you have examples.
    • If you are seeing an error message it helps to include a full screenshot showing the full message.

  • Click Submit.


You should receive a confirmation email from the system saying that your ticket has been logged. Someone on our support desk will pick up your ticket and respond to you. We will usually reply by email but we may call you if we have your contact information and feel this would resolve your query more quickly.